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Interview with Pet Psychic Sheila Trecartin

by Val Tobin

Originally published June 6, 2010 on Suite101

Republished on SNGS November 7, 2013

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Pet Psychic Sheila Trecartin

Sheila Trecartin of Thornton, Ontario has helped people all over the world communicate with their pets. She has helped people with all types of animals, including a monkey and an elephant.

On June 7, 2010, I talked with Sheila to find out how she does what she does, and to hear about her adventures with the animals. In Part I of this exclusive interview, Sheila talks about how she started talking to animals in her childhood, and how she suppressed her ability as she grew up.

Talking to Animals Using Telepathy

Val Tobin: I know youíve been doing animal communication since you were a child. You didnít get any training in it. It just evolved. How did you discover that you had this ability?

Sheila Trecartin: "Because we lived in rural Ontario and there was not really anybody around and nothing for me to do, I would go out into the bush around our log house and I would talk to the animals. I didnít realize nobody else could do that. It was something that I did to pass the time. It was like a hobby. I would find snakes or frogs or rabbits or birds, especially birds."

Val Tobin: So when you say that you would talk to the animals, what do you mean by that? You would go up to them and talk to them Ö how?

Sheila Trecartin: "I would talk to them in my head, not out loud, and I would get impressions back from them. They would often follow me back home and my mom would often panic when they followed me home. She hates snakes."

"Thereís a few times that I brought snakes back with me and Iíd say, 'Look at that! I made a new friend. This is so-and-so.' Iíd name them. And my mom would come with the shovel and scream, 'Get that out of here.' Iíd be panicking, saying, 'No, donít hurt the snake.'"

Animal Communication Improves Cat's Behavior

"We often had dogs and so I would help to train the dog and interact with them a lot. Sometimes we had cats too. My dad brought home a cat from the dump one time and I remember it was totally wild. My dad was going to get rid of it because it was scratching everything."

"It would run up the stairs. We had a piece of wood underneath the stairs and it would slide down the wood. It was just really, really crazy. It wouldnít eat cat food. It would only eat people food because it had been at the dump all its life."

"So my dad said, 'Oh weíre going to get rid of that. Itís too high strung.' It was crying in the middle of the night. I said, 'No, just give me three days.' I talked to the cat and I said, 'This is what we have to do if you want to stay here,' and it literally turned into this pussycat, into this little marshmallow cat that stopped meowing and stopped scratching things, but only as long as I was there. If I wasnít there, it really had a hard time."

Suppressing the Telepathic Gift

"When I was old enough to realize that this wasnít acceptable, I would say to my mom, for instance, 'the frog said this,' and she would say, 'Yeah, whatever. Frogs donít talk.' I thought 'Oh-oh, theyíre starting to look at me funny.' I didnít want to be abnormal. I realized that thatís not how people are. So, I suppressed it."

"When I was eighteen, I started in the holistic field. When I was eighteen, I started on a spiritual journey because I felt that something was missing from my life and it was this."

Val Tobin: When you say you suppressed it, do you mean you stopped hearing them?

Sheila Trecartin: "I just turned it right off. Yeah. I literally turned it off. Animals would come to me, but I wouldnít speak to them. I would speak to them in my head, just like you do out loud, and I would get impressions from them, but I wouldnít act on them. I just stopped utilizing it in the same way. I didnít utilize it to its potential."

"So, when I was eighteen I started looking in the holistic field to find what was missing and it was this, the animal communication that I had suppressed. It wasnít until I was 27 that it all opened up again, after I learned all these other modalities."

In Part II of this interview, Sheila talks about the catalyst that helped her open up to her abilities again and begin helping animals and their owners all over the world.


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Image: Courtesy of Sheila Trecartin

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