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We've scoured North America and found just the right mix of products for Serenity Now. From alternative health products to Zen meditations (coming soon), we have something for everyone.

New Gifts/Products

The ExperiencersVal Tobin now has a new novel on Smashwords. The Experiencers tells the tale of a black-ops assassin who atones for his brutal past by trying to help an alien abductee escape her fate. It's like Jason Bourne meets The Ghost Whisperer on an X-File. To download 20% of the novel for free or to purchase it, go to The Experiencers page on Smashwords.

Michelle LegereWe now carry beautiful prints by Michelle Legere. A variety of sizes of framed prints are available for purchase ranging in price from $35 to $50. We also carry the same prints as cards for $4 each.

Michelle has been an artist all her life, has won awards, and has studied at the Ontario College of Arts and in Italy. Her prints make beautiful gifts and we can also take orders for quantities of prints.

For examples of Michelle's work, see her MySpace or Yessy page.

You may also contact Michelle to order any print from the yessy site as a framed print.

Among the numerous available prints are the Tuscany Tree Tunnel and Copper Fairy. We also have an 11x14 framed print of the Black Eyed Susan, as well as many other floral prints.


Healthy chocolate! View the video at to see what all the fuss is about. Isagenix chocolate supplement contains quality dark chocolate, amino acids, B vitamins and other nutrients.

Investigate the new product packs that can save you money.

Keep skin young and soft with the new Hand and Body Hydrating Cream.

Cleansing & Fat Burning

If you are interested in cleansing/detoxing, then the Isagenix™ line of products will help to not only remove impurities from your system, but will also help you to burn fat, if that is what your body needs.

The video, "Cleansed for Life", provides some important information on cleansing and outlines the Isagenix™ cleansing and fat burning system steps.


Optimize your body nutritionally with the Isagenix™ line of products.

Skin Care

When you use the best on the inside, you'll want to make sure you use the best on the outside. The Isagenix™ line of products will help you keep your skin looking healthy and beautiful.

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