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Novels and Short Stories by Val Tobin

The ExperiencersVal Tobin now has novels published on Amazon. The Experiencers, book one of The Valiant Chronicles, tells the tale of a black-ops assassin who atones for his brutal past by trying to help an alien abductee escape her fate. It's like Jason Bourne meets The Ghost Whisperer on an X-File.

A Ring of Truth, book two in The Valiant Chronicles, continues Michael and Carolyn's story and tells the tale of a rogue assassin who returns from the dead to rescue alien abductees and triggers Armageddon.

Injury, a romantic suspense novel, is the story of a young actress at the height of her career who has her personal life turned upside down when a horrifying family secret makes front-page news.

In Storm Lake, a short horror story, a girl and her little brother struggle to save themselves when trapped in an isolated marina by flesh-eating creatures.

To download 20% of a novel for free, or to purchase it, go to Val Tobin's page on Amazon.

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