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Are you looking for energy healing? Perhaps you need some Reiki or Crystal work to help you relax and cope with stress or relieve some discomfort. Perhaps you would like some guidance from your angels or spirit guides, or you need to assess your diet and are looking for a nutritional program tailored to your specific needs. Perhaps, even, you are looking for another way to make some extra income to get you through the coming months or even replace your existing income.

Take a few moments to browse the website, read the articles, and view the products and services. We offer numerous products, programs and services that can help you with all facets of your life.

We always have new events scheduled. Take a look at our events page and find out what is coming up. We offer workshops in our studio in Newmarket, Ontario, at Cherry Valley Retreat South, in Newmarket, and Cherry Valley Retreat North in Thornton, Ontario.

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The Experiencers

Author Val Tobin News

Val Tobin on StoryFinds

Val now has a novel on Smashwords and Amazon.

The Experiencers tells the tale of a black-ops assassin who atones for his brutal past by trying to help an alien abductee escape her fate. It's like Jason Bourne meets The Ghost Whisperer on an X-File. To download 20% of the novel for free or to purchase it, go to The Experiencers page on Smashwords.

To find The Experiencers on Amazon:

The Experiencers is also available in paperback on Createspace and Amazon.

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